Milling machine DMG DMU 100 P, Y. 2007

CNC - 5 - Axes - Machine
Machine type: Dmg DMU 100 P DuoBlock
Control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Year: 2007
Spindle running time: [h] 13.284
Power on time: [h] 40.504
Id 13620
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Used CNC - 5 - Axes - Machine DMG DMU 100 P

X-Axis: [mm]1.000
Y-Axis: [mm]1.000
Z-Axis: [mm]1.000
Rotational speed: [rpm]12.000
Tool:SK 40
Tool capacity:60
Max. Table Load: [kg]1.400
Internal cooling: [bar]
CaliperHeidenhain TS 642
Chip rinsing pistol
Roto Clear
Electronical handwheel
paper band filter
Working mode4
Documentation - German
Maintanance done on Machine:

circular shape test vertical 0.006/300 - horizontal 0.012/300

new paint
new lamps
new windows
all operating materials changed
double gripper overhauled
rotary feedthrough X-axe KGT overhauled
Guide shoes X-axe partially new

New spindle

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