Grinding machine Studer S 33 universal + B axis + C axis

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Machine type: Studer S 33 universal + B axis + C axis
Control: Fanuc 0i-TD
Year: 2011
New price: 480.000
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Used CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S 33 universal + B axis + C axis

Machine weight: [kg]Bett/body GRANITAN
Between centers: [mm]650
Center height: [mm]175
X-Axis: [mm]285
Z-Axis: [mm]800
Rapid motion: (X/Z) [m/min]10/20
size of grinding wheel [mm]rechts/right 500 x 63 x 203.2
size of grinding wheel [mm]links/left 400 x 63 x 203.2
Input power: [kW]7.5
Rotational speed: [rpm]50 M/S
internal grinding
Input power: [kW]HF
Rotational speed: [rpm]MFM 1242/60
B-Axesauto hochpräzise Hirth 1° Verzahnung/auto high accuracy Hirth indexing 1°
Spindle type:Spindelstock
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]80
C-AxisSpindelstock/Workhead 360° 0.001°
 Formschleifen und Gewindeschleifen
 form and thread grinding
Input power: [kW]3
Rotational speed: [rpm]1 - 1.300
Torque: [Nm]100
Tailstock quill conus / -diameter [mm]MT3
Quill diameter: [mm]50
quill range: [mm]35
coolant unit with paper band filterIsoma Icarus extraction
Electronical handwheel
Linear Scalesprecision
measuring systemMarposs T25G Längenpositionierung aktiv - passiv / Marposs T25G length positioning active - passive
measuring systemS 20 Messkopf / Measuring head
measuring systemSensitron Spalt-Eliminierung / Sensitron gap elimination
measuring systemP4 In-Prozess-Messsteuerung / P4 inprocess measuring control
Wheel dressing grinder unitDiamantrad/rotary dressin turbine AES 72
balancing deviceMBM (BMT 250 M)
Software:StNC, St thread, form HSM, punch


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