Grinding machine Studer S 33 CNC

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Machine type: Studer S 33 CNC
Control: Fanuc 2li-TB
overhauled: Maschine völlig überholt, mit neuen Farbanstrich / Machine completely overhauled, with new paint coat
Year: 2005
Id 11926
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Used CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S 33 CNC

distance between peaks [mm]1.000
Center height: [mm]175
 Schleifscheibenhalter Spindelstock / Grinding wheel holder Headstock
size of grinding wheel [mm]500 x 63 x 203,2
 Peripherische Geschwindigkeit / : 50 [m/sek]
Input power: [kW]7,5
 Werkstückhalter Spindelstock / Workpiece holder Headstock
 Kegel / : CM 5
Amount of controlled axes:3
Rotational speed: [rpm]1 - 1.500
Input power: [kW]3
Spindle bore: [mm]30
C-Axis+ / - 0,5°
Tailstockhydraulisch / hydraulic
Spindle coneCM 3
Quill diameter: [mm]50
quill range: [mm]35
Table index:0 - 8,5°
X-Axis: [mm]285
Z-Axis: [mm]1.150
Machine weight: [kg]5.300
external cylindrical grinding
Cooling tank: [l]375
coolant unit with paper band filter
Filtration systemmagnetische Pre-Filterung / magnetic pre-filtering
 Option Studer Release D with Piktogramming
 Elektronische verschobene Hebel / Electronic shifted levers
 Konstante programmierbare Schnittgeschwindigkeit / Constant programmable cutting speed
Direct linear scalesauf der X-Achse / on the X axis
measuring systemDurchmesser Messgerät MOVOMATIC / Diameter measuring unit MOVOMATIC
 Berührung Sensor SENSITRON 2 / Touch sensor SENSITRON 2
 Dynamisches Ausgleich Gerät f. Schleifscheibe MPM / Grinding wheel dynamic compensation device MPM
Wheel dressing grinder unitDrehende Abrichtung durch Seilscheibe auf Tisch / Rotating dressing by pulley on table
 Feste Abrichtung auf Spindelstock Stückhalter / Fixed dressing on headstock Piece holder
 1 Schleifscheibenhalter Flansch / 1 grinding wheel holder flange
 1 Schleifscheibe / 1 grinding wheel
 2 V-Werkstückstützen / 2 V workpiece supports

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