Milling machine Mazak Variaxis J-500 (4+1), Y. 2015

Universal machining center
Machine type: Mazak Variaxis J-500 (4+1)
Control: Mazak Matrix Nexus 2
Year: 2015
Power on time: [h] 5.491
Working hours: [h] 3.439
Spindle running time: [h] 1.263
Id 10685
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Used Universal machining center Mazak Variaxis J-500 (4+1)

X-Axis: [mm]350
Y-Axis: [mm]550
Z-Axis: [mm]510
Amount of controlled axes:4 + 1
Rotational speed: [rpm]12.000
Input power: [kW]11
Tool:BT 40
Tool capacity:18
NC-panning and rotary Table
Palett system
Amount of paletts:2
Palett size: [mm]500 x 400
Work piece diameter: [mm]500
Workpiece thickness: [mm]350
Internal cooling: [bar]
Chip conveyorCromar
Filtration systemMicromag
Tool breakage detector
 EIA, Spirale, EIA 3d comp, Rotation, Geometrisch, Skalierung, EExt-Data I/O, Formkomp, Gewinde, Inverse Zeit, Auto tlm, Polarkoordinateneingabe, Vergleichsstopp, G54.1, Synchronfräsen Gewindeschneide
 EIA, Spiral, EIA 3d comp, Rotation, Geometric, Scaling, EExt-Data I/O, Shape Comp, Thread, Inverse time, Auto tlm, Polar coordinates input, Comparison stop, G54.1, Sync mill tapping, GOO slope const,

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