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Bed milling machine
Machine type: Jobs Jomach 145
Control: Siemens 840 Solution Line (Neu! / New!)
Year: 1997
partly overhauled: Neue CNC Steuerung von Siemens 840 Solution Line. - Zwei analoge Modi ADI4 hinzugefügt. In- und Out-Module für Siemens. - Siemens HT2 Tasten Installation. - Schaber, Hülsen, Lager und Ventile ern
  New CNC control from Siemens 840 Solution Line. Two analog modes ADI4 added. In and Out modules for Siemens. - Siemens HT2 button installation. - Scrapers, sleeves, bearings and valves renewed - Ba
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Used Bed milling machine Jobs Jomach 145

X-Axis: [mm]6.500
Y-Axis: [mm]3.200
Z-Axis: [mm]2.000
A-Axes+/- 100° kontrin. (Index 1°)
C-Axis+/- 400° (Index 1°)
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]16
Amount of controlled axes:5
Rotational speed: [rpm]16.000
Input power: [kW]25 / 20
universal milling head
Tool:HSK 63
Table size: [mm]2.500 x 1.500
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]14,000 x 10,000 x 5,465
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