Grinding machine Hauser S 50 L CNC 400

CNC jig grinder
Machine type: Hauser S 50 L CNC 400
Control: Fanuc 0 M
Year: 1990
Id 14408
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Used CNC jig grinder Hauser S 50 L CNC 400

Table size: [mm]1.320 x 860
 Schleifmotor grind motor - table 750 mm
grinding diameter [mm]max 230
 max. Winkel/angle 16° conical
grinding diameter [mm]max 360 mm extention plate
X-Axis: [mm]1.200
Y-Axis: [mm]600
Z-Axis: [mm]635
C-AxisRPM 5 - 300 U/min
W-axes: [mm]
U-axes: [mm]
Rotational speed: [rpm]Schleifspindel /grinding 9.000 - 80.000
 Option air turbine 160.000
Machine weight: [kg]6.300
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]3,0 x 2,5 x 2,87
 380 V 3x
Power consumption: [KW]8,5
Oil mist separatorzentrale
cooling system
 CNC Rundtisch
 Ölnebelabsaugung/mist extractor

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