Milling machine Handtmann HBZ Compact Cell 400/100

Universal machining center
Machine type: Handmann HBZ Compact Cell 400/100
Control: Siemens 840
Year: 2010
Available after: sofort / now
Id 14768
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Used Universal machining center Handtmann HBZ Compact Cell 400/100

X-Axis: [mm]4.400
Y-Axis: [mm]8001.100
Z-Axis: [mm]550
B-Axes-10 / +110°
Panning headGabelkopf / Rod clevis
Amount of controlled axes:5
Rapid motion: [m/min.]X/Y/Z 60/40/60
Spindle speeds: [rpm]18.000
Tool:HSK 63 A
Tool capacity:30
Palett system
Amount of paletts:2
Palett size: [mm]4.000 x 1.000
 Vakuum Aufspannung
Chip conveyor
cooling systemHPC Knoll system

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