Grinding machine Geibel & Hotz RS 1000 CU

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Machine type: Geibel & Hotz RS 1000 CU
Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Year: 2008
partly overhauled: 2017
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Used CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Geibel & Hotz RS 1000 CU

grinding diameter [mm]355
grinding length [mm]1.000
Center height: [mm]180
grinding wheel-Ø [mm]500
Grinding wheel width [mm]:80
size of grinding wheel [mm]500 x 80 x 203,2 (Außenrundschleifen / external cylindrical grinding)
 300 x 40 x 127 (Planschleifen / surface grinding)
 Schleifspindel / grinding spindle:
Rotational speed: [rpm]1.400
Input power: [kW]9
Angular range:programmgesteuert / programmatically
Rotational speed: [rpm]0 - 600
speed of table [mm/min]0,01 - 12 m/min
Angular range:+ 10 / - 4°
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]150 / 60
Power consumption: [KW]17 / 27,6
Machine weight: [kg]7.500
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]4,55 x 2,40 x 2,10
Wheel dressing grinder unit
Interface Setfür Innenschleifeinrichtung / for internal grinding equipment
 mit CNC-gesteuerter B-Achse / with CNC-controlled B-axis
band filter(1,20 x 1,80 x 1,10 m)
 Elektroschrank / electric cabinet (1,50 x 0,50 x 1,90 m)
 variable Schleifspindeldrehzahl / Variable grinding spindle speed
 X- und Z-Achse mit Kugelrollspindel / X- and Z-axis with ball screw spindle
 Glasmassstab in Z-Achse / Glass scale in Z axis
 Einroll-Abrichtgerät 100 mit Diamantrolle / Dressing device 100 with diamond roller
Electronical handwheel
 Anschlifferkennung / cut detection

The G & H RS 1000 CU was refurbished: Machine was cleaned und dismanteled. All guideways were scraped and counter side Turkite precision grouned. All functional surfaces lower table, upper table, crossslide, and units on table were surface grouned. Both ball screws were refurbished and end bearings replaced. Mainspindle and crush roller bearings were replaced. Motion limit switches ref. and end limit were replaced. Mchine geometry was reestablished according to manufactures specs. Inside Working area was repainted. All covers were replaced. Several hoses were replaced. Every thing was checked and verified by running machine. 2 videos and pictures are available.
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