Milling machine DMG Sauer Ultrasonic 20 Linear

Universal machining center
Machine type: Dmg Sauer Ultrasonic 20 Linear
Control: Siemens DMG ERGOline
Year: 2010
Id 13968
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Used Universal machining center DMG Sauer Ultrasonic 20 Linear

X-Axis: [mm]200
Y-Axis: [mm]200
Z-Axis: [mm]280
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]40
Amount of controlled axes:5
Rotational speed: [rpm]42.000
Tool:HSK 32
Tool capacity:24
NC-panning and rotary Table
Table size: [mm]Ø 190
Max. Table Load: [kg]10
 Pneumatische / mechanische Tischklemmung
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]2,383 x 2,045 x 1,689
Machine weight: [kg]3.750
Internal cooling: [bar]mit Filter / with filter
 Spänewanne / chip tray
Oil mist separatorTelbaron Typ TEB-BV2 EC Ölstaubsauger von 2014
 Marksa-Kühler Typ GH 300 P HP, 0,58 KW, 1,8 A ab 2012
 Ultraschallklampen und ASK 32-Steuerwelle

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