Milling machine Chiron DZ 15 W Magnum HS, Y. 2016

Universal machining center
Machine type: Chiron DZ 15 W Magnum HS
Control: Siemens 840 Dsl
Year: 2016
Id 11668
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Used Universal machining center Chiron DZ 15 W Magnum HS

X-Axis: [mm]630
Y-Axis: [mm]400
Z-Axis: [mm]360
C-Axis360°, 200 U/min
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]75
Amount of controlled axes:5
 Spindelabstand / Spindle distance: 320 mm
Rotational speed: [rpm]12.000
Input power: [kW]22,3
Torque: [Nm]95
Tool:HSK 63
Tool capacity:24 + 24
Tool diameter: [mm]78
Tool lenght: [mm]300
Max. tool weight: [kg]5
 Werkstückwechslereinrichtung I / Workpiece changer I:
NC-panning and rotary TableTyp ATU 200, 5. Achse steckerfertig / Type ATU 200, 5th axis ready to plug in
Table size: [mm]Brückenmaß: 800 mm / Bridge dimension: 800 mm
 Klemmung Lager/Gegenlager: Hydraulisch / Clamping bearing / counter bearing: Hydraulic
face plate [mm]Ø 200 mm
Angular range:Schwenkradius: 285 mm / Swivel radius: 285 mm
 Werkstückwechslereinrichtung II / Workpiece changer II:
NC-panning and rotary Table
Table size: [mm]Brückenmaß: 700 mm / Bridge dimension: 700 mm
Angular range:Schwenkradius: 285 mm / Swivel radius: 285 mm
 Haltemoment: 2.000 Nm (Gegenlager ohne Antrieb) / Holding torque: 2,000 Nm (counter bearing without drive)
 Antrieb: Torque-Motor / Drive: Torque motor
 Haltemoment: 690 Nm / Holding torque: 690 Nm
face plate [mm]2 x Ø 245 mm
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]75 kg, je Planscheibe / 75 kg, per face plate
Internal cooling: [bar]30
High pressure pumps
paper band filter
Chip conveyorKratzbandförderer / scraper conveyors
Flood Coolant
Chip rinsing pistol
CaliperRenishaw RLP40Q
Direct linear scalesGlasmaßstäbe / glass scales
Hydr. part clamping200 bar
Oil mist separatorVorbereitung Absauganschluss Ø 175 mm / Preparation suction connection Ø 175 mm
 5-Achs-Fräspaket, Variable Spannlogik / 5-axis milling package, variable clamping logic
 Signalleuchte / signal lamp

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