Milling machine Chiron DZ 15 FX Magnum high speed, Y. 2014

Universal machining center
Machine type: Chiron DZ 15 FX Magnum high speed
Control: Siemens 840 D-SL
Year: 2014
Id 12413
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Used Universal machining center Chiron DZ 15 FX Magnum high speed

5-axis-simultaneousTRAORI + CYCLE 800
X-Axis: [mm]630
Y-Axis: [mm]400
Z-Axis: [mm]360
A-Axes+/- 120°
C-Axis0,0001° (360°)
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]75
 Spindelabstand / Spindle distance: 400 mm
Rotational speed: [rpm]12.000
Input power: [kW]37 / 17
Tool:HSK 63
Tool capacity:24 + 24
Tool diameter: [mm]140
Tool lenght: [mm]300
Max. tool weight: [kg]5
 2-Achsen Dreh-Schwenkeinrichtung / 2-axis rotary swivel device: CHIRON CASD 280-2 / 1000
NC-panning and rotary Table
Table size: [mm]280
Max. Table Load: [kg]100
 Koordinatentischplatte / Coordinate table plate: M16 D15 H7 x 50 mm
Power consumption: [KW]54
Machine weight: [kg]9.500
Chip conveyor
Internal cooling: [bar]70
cooling systemTPF 350 S / 900
Flood Coolant
 Absaugaggregat mit Luftreiniger Fabrikat COMFIL Oil Expert 1.2 / 1200 / Extraction unit with air purifier make COMFIL Oil Expert 1.2 / 1200
 C-Achse mit absolutem, direktem Wegmesssystem ECN 225 mit digitalen Torquemotor / C-axis with absolute, direct displacement encoder ECN 225 with digital torque motor
Direct linear scales
measuring systemRenishaw TS 27 R 3-D
CaliperOMP 40-2LS Infrarot / Infrared
Software:M- und T- Funktionen / M and T functions
Software:Gewindeschneiden ohne Ausgleichsfutter / Thread cutting without floating tap holder
 ARTIS integrierte Prozessüberwachungssystem / ARTIS integrated process monitoring system
 Werkzeugstandzeitüberwachung / Tool life monitoring
 Elektrische Schnittstelle mit PROFIBUS / Electrical interface with PROFIBUS
Automatic doors

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