CNC machines in medical technology

Precise to the point: complex components for medicine

Medical devices require an extraordinary degree of precision, functionality and fineness. CNC machines are ideally suited for the complex production of devices and deliver the best results, especially in medical technology. CNC machine production achieves the highest level of accuracy, which can make a significant difference in the medical industry. Stenzel is your partner for accurate and precise results with our high-quality CNC machines. Discover our extensive range of high-quality machines from renowned manufacturers that are ideally suited to your needs!

Areas of application for CNC machines in medical technology

In medical technology, the requirements are higher than in any other industry. Complex components for medical devices must be manufactured with high precision in order to eliminate or minimize the error rate as much as possible. CNC machines, which can manufacture medical technology components and instruments with precision and fineness, represent a practical and efficient solution.

The use of CNC machines in medical technology offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • The processing of a wide variety of materials (plastics, metals, etc.)

  • Implantable small fabrications

  • Fine surgical instruments

  • Components for medical examination devices (e.g. X-ray devices)

  • Manufacture under sterile conditions

CNC machines from Stenzel offer you a wide range of applications for the most diverse production parts and components.

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Advantages of the CNC manufacturing process

Whether large or very small quantities - CNC manufacturing allows the uncomplicated production of all components in different shapes and variable quantities. In contrast to other manufacturing processes, production using CNC machines is particularly economical and low-waste, which also saves on material and energy costs.

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