Lathe machine Weiler E 50

cycle controlled lathe
Machine type: Weiler E 50
Control: Weiler D2 (Zyklensteuerung)
Year: 2002
Available after: Juni 2023
Id 14744
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Used cycle controlled lathe Weiler E 50

Between centers: [mm]1.000
Center height: [mm]280
Max. swing over bed: [mm]570
Max. swing over slide: [mm]340
Spindle bore: [mm]83
Spindle nose:Gr. 8
Spindle speeds: [rpm]1- 2.500
Spindle power: [kW]20 / 17
Torque: [Nm]1.600
Transmission ratio2
 Schnellwechsel-Stahlhalterkopf MultiSuisse C
TailstockMK 5
Tailstock quill conus / -diameter [mm]80
Machine weight: [kg]3.050
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]2,850 x 2,290 x 1,785
cooling system

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