ToRen C 6280 x 2000 Conventional Lathe

conventional lathe
Machine type: Toren C 6280 x 2000
2-axis position indicator EASSON
New Machine
Id 6020
28.500,- €
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Conventional lathe ToRen C 6280 x 2000 new

Between centers: [mm]2000
swing over bed [mm]: 800
Turning diameter over support: [mm]570
Turning diameter over bridge [mm]1.035
travel top slide [mm]230
travel cross slide [mm]
Bridge length [mm]250
Bed width [mm]400
spindle speed [1/min.]25 - 1.600
Spindle bore: [mm]105
Spindle taperCamlock D 1-8
Spindle cone113
Longitudinal feed [mm/U]0,044 - 1,48
Feed Cross [mm/U]0,022 - 0,74
Metric threads [mm]0,45 - 120
Tapping, diametric [DP]7/8 -160
tapping, module [MP]0,25 - 60
tapping, inch [TPI]7/16 - 80
tailstock quill diameter90
tailstock taperMK 5
Tailstock quill stroke [mm]235
Motor voltage/-output[ V / KW]400 / 11
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]
Machine weight: [kg]
3-jaw chuck [mm]
4-jaw face plate chuck [mm]
face plate [mm]
4 x station tool holder type Swiss Type
cooling system
Steady and follow rest
stop spindle
splash guard
chuck guard
foot brake
Halogen work lamp
reducing sleeveØ 113-MK5
dead centers2, MK 5
revolving tailstock centerMK 5
operating tools
operator manual
rapid traverse for longitudinal and cross movement
CE certificate
1 year manufacturer's warranty

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