Grinding machine Studer S 40-2

conventional Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Machine type: Studer 40-2
Year: 1988
Expertly rebuilt: 2021 zu Herstellerspeks
Id 14287
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Used conventional Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S 40-2

grinding length [mm]1.000
Center height: [mm]125
Grinding head
grinding wheel-Ø [mm]400
Grinding wheel width [mm]:80
Grinding wheel bore [mm]:127
Input power: [kW]5,5
Rotational speed: [rpm]1.670 - 2.110
Rotational speed: [rpm]60,129,278,600
Spindle coneMK 5
Max. Table Load: [kg]100
Angular range:0 - 90°
Table size: [mm]
Angular range:12°
Tailstock quill conus / -diameter [mm]MK 3
Tailstock - path: [mm]30
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]
Machine weight: [kg]5.100
Power consumption: [KW]13
Coolant system
 Sony 2 Ax Digitalanzeige
grind internally
internal grinding
Rotational speed: [rpm]25.000 - 68.000
magnetic plate200mm

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