Grinding machine Studer S 33 CNC

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Machine type: Studer S 33 CNC
Control: Fanuc 21i-TB
Year: 2005
Working hours: [h] 7.234
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Used CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S 33 CNC

distance between peaks [mm]650
Center height: [mm]175
Grinding headSchleifspindelstock / grinding headstock
size of grinding wheel [mm]500 x 63 x 203,2
Rotational speed: [rpm]programmierbare Umfangsgeschwindigkeit / programmable peripheral speed: 0 - 50 [m/sec]
Input power: [kW]7,5
 Manuelle Orientierung an den Anschlägen / manual orientation on stops: 0 / 30
Spindle coneMK 5
Rotational speed: [rpm]1 - 1.500
Spindle motor: [kW]1,6
Spindle bore: [mm]30
C-Axis+/- 0,5°
TailstockMK 3
Quill diameter: [mm]50
Travel:35 mm
X-Axis: [mm]285
Z-Axis: [mm]800
Table index:0 - 8,5°
Machine weight: [kg]5.300
Cooling tank: [l]375
paper band filterSTREULI SAM5/SPB4
 Absaugung / Extraction: ERNI
Electronical handwheel
 Option Studer Release D mit Piktogramm / option Studer Release D with pictogram
 Option Programmprüfung mit Handrad / option Program Check with handwheel
 stufenlos programmierbare Schnittgeschwindigkeit / continuous programmable cutting speed
Wheel dressing grinder uniterweitert / extended
Direct linear scalesX, Z
measuring systemMOVOMATIC C25
Steady restØ 4 - 88 mm
 1 Schleifscheibenhalterflansch / 1 grinding wheel holder flange
 1 Schleifscheibe / 1 grinding wheel
 2 Zentren / 2 centers

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