Lathe machine Star SB 20 RG

CNC Swiss turn
Machine type: Star SB 20 R
Control: Fanuc 0i TF
Year: 2019
Id 14102
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Used CNC Swiss turn Star SB 20 RG

Amount of controlled axes:7
Bar capacity: [mm]20
Z-Axis: [mm]205
Guide bushangetrieben
Rotational speed: [rpm]10.000
Input power: [kW]3.7/2.2
Turret S 1X1/Y1
Tool stations8x frontapparat
Driven Tools2x 6.000 upm
Tool capacity:6x
Rotational speed: [rpm]8.000
Back face machining8x
Driven Tools4x
Power consumption: [KW]3,7
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]2.07 x 1.77 x 1.76
Machine weight: [kg]1.700
cooling system
Interface barfeeder
Bar loader magazineLNS
Parts ejector
Part conveyor
Tool breakage detector

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