SNK Gantry 3 x head Portal milling machines

Portal milling machine
Machine type: Snk Gantry 3 x head
Control: Fanuc 15Mi
Year: 1999
Id 10801
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Used Portal milling machine SNK Gantry 3 x head

X-Axis: [mm]18.300
Y-Axis: [mm]2.150
Z-Axis: [mm]710
A-Axes+/- 25º
B-Axes+/- 25º
Feed: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]5 - 10
Rotational speed: [rpm]10.000
Input power: [kW]30
milling head3 x (Alle der drei Köpfe mit voller A + B-Achse / full A+B axis to each of the 3 heads
Tool:ISO 50
Table size: [mm]18.300 x 3.050
Machine weight: [kg]59.000

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