Ryazan Model PT 60600 Deep hole drilling machines

deep hole drilling machine
trepanning machine
Machine type: RYAZAN RT 60600
Year: 1982
Expertly rebuilt: neue Elektrik, neue Hydraulik, überh. Mechanik, neu gestrichen
Expertly rebuilt: new electrics, new hydraulics, refurbished mechanics, new paint
Available after 5 Monate ab Auftrag
Available after 5 month from order
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Used deep hole drilling machine Ryazan Model PT 60600

Center height: [mm]630 mm
max. boring length [mm]5.500
Max. swing over bed: [mm]1.240
max. parts-Ø [mm]160 - 680
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]12.000
maximum drilling diameter80 - 150 mm Vollbohren/contiuous solid drilling
trepanning machine480 mm dia trepanning
trepanning machine500 mm dia counter boring
feed rate [mm/min]5 -3.000
Rotational speed: [rpm]Spindelstock 16 - 315 stufenlos/infinitly variable
Input power: [kW]30
Input power: [kW]30 Gegendrehungsmotor/ counterrotation motor
Rotational speed: [rpm]1.479 infinitely variable
 Gegendrehung/counter rotation
Rotational speed: [rpm]80 - 500
Machine weight: [kg]40.000
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]17.000 x 2.500
 digital readout: rpm, oil flow, feed amps, boring depth
4 jaw chucklantern style
Steady restwindmill type
Chip conveyoroption
cooling systemoption
High pressure pumpsoption
Cooling tank: [l]option
 OPTION Installation mit Lieferantengarantie: Funktion, 6 Monate Elektrik, 90 Tage Mechanik
 OPTION installation incl. supplier guaranty: function and specs,6 month electrics, 90 days mechanics
 Details im Dokument/details see document
 Video ähnlicher Maschine/see video of similar machine

Indicators & Operating Controls Headstock Control: Chuck Inch FWD/REV Chuck Run FWD/REV Oil ON/OFF Boring carriage Rapid LEFT/RIGHT Emergency Stop Sealing Head Carriage Control (Main): Machine ON/OFF Inch FWD/REV Run FWD/REV Oil ON/OFF Boring carriage rapid LEFT/RIGHT Boring carriage feed LEFT/RIGHT Counter Rotation Inch FWD/REV Counter Rotation Run FWD/REV Sealing head clamps ON/OFF Sealing rapid LEFT/RIGHT Variable speed control of headstock speeds, oil flow and feed rate Digital display absorbed power of headstock (AMPS) Digital display absorbed power of delivery oil pump (AMPS) Digital display absorbed power of counter rotation head Digital display absorbed power of feed force (AMPS) Digital display of tool position Emergency Stop Boring Carriage Control: Inch FWD Feed LEFT/RIGHT Feed STOP Rapid LEFT/RIGHT Emergency Stop Broken tool Protection Feed stop of boring carriage Automatic backward motion of boring head Spindle stop Pumping station stop Boring Operation Solid boring Pull boring or counter Standard Equipment Supplied NEW Electrical equipment for controls with motors NEW Fan cooled cabinet Pipes for coolant system Continuous lubrication system of head units NEW Cable carrying chains Oil & chips discharge pipe Interlock safety guards Carriage with timed automatic lubrication system with level control and thrust meter. NEW Hydraulic unit & pipework for clamping of sealing head saddle Electrical & hydraulic drawings NEW Oil tank NEW Delivery Pump NEW Swarf Conveyor Exisiting Sealing head unit
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