Grinding machine Rosa Linea Iron 08.6 CNC

CNC Surface Grinding Machine
Machine type: Rosa Linea Iron 08.6 CNC
Control: CNC 2400 D (4Achsen / 4 axes)
Year: 2001
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Used CNC Surface Grinding Machine Rosa Linea Iron 08.6 CNC

grinding area[mm]850 x 610
Center height: [mm]0 - 480
size of grinding wheel [mm]400 x 60 x 127
Rotational speed: [rpm]1.450
Spindle motor: [kW]7,5
X-Axis: [mm]950
Y-Axis: [mm]550
Z-Axis: [mm]500
 Vertikal-Zustellung (Z-Achse) / Vertical infeed (Z-axis): 0,001 - 0,01 mm/Hub
 Tischvorschub (X-Achse, hydraulisch) / Table feed (X-axis, hydraulic): 1 - 38 m/min
 Quervorschub (Y-Achse, servomotorisch) / Cross feed (Y-axis, servomotor): 0 - 3 m/min
 Querbewegung, sprungweise / Transverse movement, jumping: 0 - 35 mm
Table size: [mm]800 x 400
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]1.000
Power consumption: [KW]11 kW - 400 V - 50 Hz
Machine weight: [kg]5.400
coolant unit with paper band filter
magnetic plate800 x 400
 sep. Hydraulik-Aggregat / sep. Hydraulic unit
 diverses Zubehör / various accessories


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