Lathe machine Nakamura Super NTX - S

CNC Milling / Turningcenter
Machine type: Nakamura Super NTX - S
Control: Fanuc 16i-TB
Year: 2007
overhauled: Top Zustand, B-Achse durch Nakamura Deutschland überholt! / Top condition, B-axis by Nakamura Germany overhauled!
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Used CNC Milling / Turningcenter Nakamura Super NTX - S

Max. turning length: [mm]1.100
Turningdiameter: [mm]370 mm
Bar capacity: [mm]65
Spindle speeds: [rpm]4.500
Spindle power: [kW]22 / 18,5
Y-Axis: [+/- mm]160
Spindle speeds: [rpm]4.500
Spindle power: [kW]22 / 18,5
CNC-Spindle tilting for cutting and turningopertations
Spindle speeds: [rpm]12.000
Spindle power: [kW]18,5 / 11
Tool:Capto C6
B-Axes230° (servogesteuert / servo controlled )
Tool capacity:40
Lower revolver
Turningdiameter: [mm]300
Tool capacity:12 / 24
Driven Tools12 / 24
revolution driven tools3.600
Machine weight: [kg]19.000
 Luckbei-Dialog System Supercap
Chip conveyorSchanierbandspäneförderer NTX, Auswurf nach rechts / Hinged belt chip conveyor NTX, ejection to the right
Cooling tank: [l]250 l, Fahrbarer Kühlmitteltank mit Kühlmittelstandüberwachung / 250 l, mobile coolant tank with coolant level monitoring
Tool holders1 Satz Werkzeughalter für unteren Revolver: 5 Bohrhalter, 4 Drehhalter, 3 angetriebene Werkzeughalter / 1 set of tool holders for lower turret: 5 drill holders, 4 rotary holders, 3 driven tool holder
3-jaw chuck [mm]Ø 210, Schunk
 CE-Zeichen / CE mark

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