Milling machine Matsuura MAM 72 35V

CNC - 5 - Axes - Machine
Machine type: Matsuura MAM 72 35V
Control: Fanuc G-Tech 31iB
Year: 2014
Id 13622
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Used CNC - 5 - Axes - Machine Matsuura MAM 72 35V

X-Axis: [mm]550
Y-Axis: [mm]440
Z-Axis: [mm]580
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]60 / 60 / 60
B-Axes- 125° / +65°
Max. revolution: [rpm]20.000
Tool:BT 40
Tool capacity:60
Palett size: [mm]Ø 130
Work piece diameter: [mm]350
Workpiece thickness: [mm]300
Amount of paletts:32
Max. Table Load: [kg]60
Renishaw Spindle caliperRMP 600
Tool breakage detectorRenishaw NC4 laser tool measure and breaking detection
 Spindle load monitoring function
 Coordinate system rotation
 5-Axis Package inc. High Speed 5-axis software
 Tool radius comp for 5-axis cutting G41.5/G42.5
 Rotary table dynamic fixture offset G54.2
 Tool cente point for 5-axis cutting G43.5/G49
 Large memory function 1GB Data Server
 Inverse Time Feed G93
 Tilted workplane command
 NANO Smoothing Software

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