Heyligenstädt Heynumill 3200 PF Portal milling machines

Portal milling machine
Machine type: Heyligenstädt Heynumill 3200 PF
Control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Year: 2001
partly overhauled: 2012
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Used Portal milling machine Heyligenstädt Heynumill 3200 PF

X-Axis: [mm]7.000
Y-Axis: [mm]5.100
Z-Axis: [mm]1.500
A-Axes105° / -95°
C-Axis0° / 4.320°
Feed: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]0 - 15
Amount of controlled axes:5
Distance table surface - spindle nose: [mm]2.160
distace between colums (mm)3.220
milling headOrthogonalkopf automatisch (360°) / Automatic orthogonal head (360°)
Rotational speed: [rpm]0 - 15.000
Transmission ratio3
Input power: [kW]67
Tool:SK 50 / HSK 63
Tool capacity:60: 40 Pos. Steilkegel / steep taper A-50 (DIN 2079) / 20 Pos. HSK 63
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]72.000
Table size: [mm]3.000 x 6.000
Power consumption: [KW]
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]W 15,300 x H 9,550
Machine weight: [kg]142.000
 2 Stk. Kamera mit Bildschirmüberwachung - Schindelüberwachung / 2 pcs. Camera with screen monitoring - Shingle monitoring
 1x Gerader-Vertikal-Fräskopf 5.000U/min. SK-50 / 1x Straight vertical milling head 5.000 rpm. SK-50
 1x Starrer-Winkel-Fräskopf 5.000U/min. SK-50 / 1x fixed-angle milling head 5.000 rpm. SK-50
 1x Gabel-Fräskopf 5.000U/min. SK-50 / 1x fork milling head 5.000 rpm. SK-50
 1x Hochgeschwindigkeit-Gabel-Fräskopf 15.000U/min. / 1x high speed fork milling head 15.000rpm.


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