Lathe machine Ecoca EL 4610

CNC - lathe machine
Machine type: Ecoca EL 4610
Control: Siemens 810 D
Year: 2009
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Used CNC - lathe machine Ecoca EL 4610

Max. turning length: [mm]1.000
Center height: [mm]225
Turningdiameter: [mm]225
Max. swing over bed: [mm]460
Max. swing over slide: [mm]258
Spindle bore: [mm]78
Bar capacity: [mm]58
Spindle nose:D 1 - 6"
Bed width [mm]300
Rotational speed: [rpm]95 - 3.000
Transmission ratio4
Input power: [kW]9,3 / 7,5
TailstockMT 4
Quill diameter: [mm]68
quill range: [mm]127
X-Axis: [mm]210
Z-Axis: [mm]580
Rapid motion: (X/Z) [m/min]5
 Schlittenweg / Carriage: 127 mm
 Weite / Width: 110 mm
Machine weight: [kg]1.790
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]2,500 x 1,350 x 1,800
3-jaw chuck [mm]9"
4 jaw chuck10"
 Vorbereitung fuer multifix B / Preparation for multifix B
 10.4 "Color LCD

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