Lathe machine Doosan Lynx 220 LMA

CNC Turning / Millingcenter
Machine type: Doosan Lynx 220 LMA
Control: Fanuc F0-iTD
Year: 2015
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Used CNC Turning / Millingcenter Doosan Lynx 220 LMA

Max. turning length: [mm]290
Turningdiameter: [mm]170 - 250
Max. swing over bed: [mm]510
Max. swing over slide: [mm]290
Spindle bore: [mm]65
Bar capacity: [mm]51
Rotational speed: [rpm]6.000
Input power: [kW]15 / 11
TailstockMK 4
Quill diameter: [mm]65
quill range: [mm]80
X-Axis: [mm]175
Z-Axis: [mm]330
Rapid motion: (X/Z) [m/min]30 / 36
Amount of turrets:1
Tool:BMT 45
Tool capacity:12
Driven Tools
revolution driven tools3,7
Machine weight: [kg]3.100
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]2,410 x 1,600 x 1,655
Chip conveyorLNS
 Minimalmengenschmierung / Minimum lubrication
Tool setter
 Tool Load Monitoring
clamping jaws1 Satz weiche Backen / 1 set of soft jaws
3-jaw chuck [mm]6"
Tool holdersdiverse feste und angetriebene Halter / various fixed and driven tools
Tool kit
 3-Farben-Warnleuchte / 3-colour warning light
 Handbücher / Manuals
 2017 nachgerüstet mit / 2017 retrofitted with:
cooling systemM8 Kühlung (KSS-Pumpe, Oilskimmer, etc) / M8 cooling (KSS pump, oilskimmer, etc)
 Kühlmittelpistole / Coolantgun
 Mobiles Handrad / Mobile handwheel
Interface SetAusbau des kompletten Interface für die Minimalmengenschmierung / Expansion of the complete interface for minimum quantity lubrication

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