Lathe machine DMG NLX 2500 i 700

CNC Turning / Millingcenter
Machine type: DMG NLX 2500 i 700
Control: Mitsubishi M730UM - Celos
Year: 2017
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Used CNC Turning / Millingcenter DMG NLX 2500 i 700

Max. turning length: [mm]700
Turningdiameter: [mm]360
Bar capacity: [mm]80
3-jaw chuck [mm]Ø 254
Rotational speed: [rpm]4.000
Input power: [kW]18,5
Subspindlemit Reitstockfunktion / with tailstock function
Rotational speed: [rpm]4.500
Input power: [kW]11
Bar capacity: [mm]41
3-jaw chuck [mm]Ø 169
X-Axis: [mm]260
Y-Axis: [+/- mm]100
Z-Axis: [mm]795
Rapid motion: (X/Z) [m/min]30 / 10 / 30
Amount of turrets:1
Tool:BMT 60
Tool capacity:12
Driven Tools
revolution driven tools10.000
cooling system5 bar
Chip conveyor
 Spänespülung HSP, GSP und Bett / Chip rinsing main spindle, sub spindle and bed
Interface Setfür Stangenlader / for bar loader
Parts ejector
Part conveyor
M-functions10 frei programmierbare / 10 freely programmable
Tool setterWerkzeugmessarm HSP, GSP / Tool measuring arm main spindle and sub spindle
Software:1: Fräsen von Taschen und Inseln / Milling of pockets and islands
Software:2: Gravieren von Texten / Engraving of texts
Software:3. Schnelle Zyklen HPC/HSC / Fast cycles HPC/HSC
Software:4: DXF Importfunktion / DXF import function

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