Lathe machine DMG GAC 42

CNC Turning / Millingcenter
Machine type: Dmg GAC 42
Control: DMG EPL 2
Year: 1991
Id 7280
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Used CNC Turning / Millingcenter DMG GAC 42

Max. turning length: [mm]274
Bar capacity: [mm]42
Rotational speed: [rpm]71 - 6,300
Input power: [kW]18
Amount of controlled axes:8
Amount of turrets:1
X-Axis: [mm]X5 40 mm
Z-Axis: [mm]Z5 274mm
Amount of tools: [pieces]8
Driven Tools4
Turrer S22x Querschlitten/2x crossslide
X-Axis: [mm]X3 X4 70mm
Z-Axis: [mm]Z3 Z4 164mm
ToolplateRückseite/back side
Amount of tools: [pieces]3
Turret S 1Abstechschlitten/cut off slide
X-Axis: [mm]X1 70mm
X-Axis: [mm]X2 70mm
Machine weight: [kg]4,500
Chip conveyor
BarfeedSAMECA Monosam 45
Collet chuck140mm

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