Amco-Sacem FPF 4500 x 10000 Portal milling machines

Portal milling machine
Machine type: Amco-Sacem FPF 4500 x 10000
Control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Year: 2008
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Used Portal milling machine Amco-Sacem FPF 4500 x 10000

X-Axis: [mm]10.000
Y-Axis: [mm]5.900
Z-Axis: [mm]1.200
W-axes: [mm]3.000 (Querbalken - Verstellung / Crossbar adjustment)
Feed: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]0,003 - 5
Rapid motion: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]10
distace between colums (mm)4.500
Distance table surface - spindle nose: [mm]4.000 max.
Rotational speed: [rpm]20 - 5.000
Transmission ratio2
Input power: [kW]40
swivelling head 2 axis sys Huron auto45°
spindle changing unit4 Positionen / 4 Postitions
universal milling head2,5° Indexierung in 2 Achsen / 2.5 ° Indexing in 2 axes: (37 kW, max. 2500 U/min)
 Stößelabmessungen / Plunger dimensions: 525 x 560 mm
Tool:ISO 50
Table size: [mm]10.000 x 3.200
Max. workpiece weight: [kg]50.000
Machine weight: [kg]250.000
Req. space (LxBxH): [m]21 x 7,9 x 9,3
Internal cooling: [bar]
cooling system60 l / min., 5 bar
Cooling tank: [l]1.000
Chip conveyor2
milling head2-Achsen NC Fraeskopf / 2-axis NC milling head: (37 kW, max. 2500 U/min)
 Verlängerung 500 mm (max. 4000 U/min) / Extension 500 mm (max. 4000 rpm)
 Automatisches Werkzeug-Spannsystem "SACEM-Hydroblock" / Automatic tool clamping system "SACEM-Hydroblock"


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