Agie Charmille Form 200 SP EDM machine

sparkerosion machine
EDM machine
Machine type: Agie Charmille Form 200 SP
Expertly rebuilt: 2015
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Used sparkerosion machine Agie Charmille Form 200 SP

 Freistehende Bedienerkonsole / Free-standing operator's console
 Touchscreen-Fernbedienung ohne elektron. Handrad / Touchscreen remote control without electronic control handwheel
 Pinolenspannfutter Erowa ITS-50 / quill chuck Erowa ITS-50
 Elektrodenwechsler LTC-ITS/GPS S4 / Electrode changer LTC-ITS/GPS S4
 LED-Beleuchtung der Arbeitszone / LED lighting of the working zone
 Kit Automation für externe S3R Handlingsysteme / Kit automation for external S3R handling systems
 Vorbereitung Brandschutzsystem / Preparation fire protection system

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